About Us

Okay, it’s not only us, but most of our fans love to shout that – CushionClues is probably the best of the lot to pick up some softness for their sweet home. Yes, it’s perfect. It is what you want to achieve when you set out to craft amazing cushions that captivates you and your lovely kids, gets them hooked in to your ideas and still tells them the nitty gritty about what the best cushions can provide to their life. Check out the site and you will see the first part devoted to the comfort – how most of the people are doing with cushion. Then you’ll get high definition photography of the people with a smiling face and the heavenly offices followed by some trim words that make up the sharpest concept copy you will ever seen. Scroll down further, however, and you see something interesting. Yes, these are interesting. They let other brands tell you what cosiness is. The last thing you’ll get that what makes you crazy to get some cushions which surely will bring a new dimension of comfort to your life.