How to make picnic table bench cushions

Picnic, camping, these are my most favorite outdoor activities. If you’re also a big fan of outdoor, love to enjoy picnic at the weekend, arrange bar b q party very often, then you know the importance of picnic bench cushions. In the picnic party, we need to carry furnitures here and there. So, this type of furniture pieces should be lightweight and easy to handle. Plastic chairs are lightweight. But, in term of longevity, of course the bench is superior. That’s why, it’s better to know how to make picnic table bench cushions rather than buying some cheap plastic chairs.

You know, we take part in this type of amazing activity for relaxation and mental pleasure. But, sitting on a cushionless bench will make you boring of sitting very soon. So, to arrange a comfortable seating place, bench cushion is must which won’t cost you much if you know the process. Don’t worry, today, we’re here to show you the process of making a picnic table bench cushion. Now, you’ve two options to fix up a soft and comfortable seating space for the participants. The first one is traditional way and the second one is amazing way.

Traditional way of making picnic table bench cushions

This is a low cost way, but you’ll have to employ your hard labor with technical merit. You’re going to make a bench cushion. So, I’m sure that you have a bench. But, if you don’t have a bench yet, you can buy it now from Amazon or you can make an easy X shaped bench. To make an X type bench, you can have a look at the Ashley’s X Bench for X Picnic Table making tips.

However, to make your long expected bench cushion in this way, you’ll need to have a canvas twill or weather resistant outdoor fabric which is available on Amazon, water resistant outdoor cushion filling material, a quality sewing machine, long zipper, a sharp fabric scissors, a cloth tape and sewing pins.

With your cloth tape, measure the width and length of your bench first, then cut the fabric according to this measurement. The fabric should be 1 inch larger than your bench on each side. Now, start sewing the fabric to make a zippered bag. The shape of your bag should be the same as your bench. Here, you’ll get the easiest way of making a bench cushion within no time. But, if you don’t know how to sew a fabric, then this cheap way of making a bench cushion is not suitable for you. You should then consider the second way which is amazing.

Amazing way of making picnic bench cushions

This is really amazing and I love this way. But, remember that this will cost you a little more. At first, measure the dimension of the surface of your bench. Now, visit to a reputed online store. It’ll save your time and fuel. Now, search for the bench cushions. It’s so simple to find out the best picnic bench cushions. Just type “best selling bench cushion” in the search box and the rest will be done automatically.

Now, there are lots of bench cushions before you. Choose your favorite color and click on that picture. If everything is okay, that particular cushion is now open to you. Read the product description in detail and carefully search for its dimension. If the measurement of this one is just the same as your bench, then hit the order button. Isn’t this amazing?

But, if the diameter of this cushion is different from your bench, then hit the back button of your web browser, and then click on the other pictures. Keep searching until you find a best fit. Within only 5 minutes, you’ll get what you’re searching for. If, you’re looking for a quality bench cushion, then I highly recommend you check your bench cushion on Amazon.

Hope, you’ve ordered for a cushion. Now, it may take several days or only 2 days to come to your door. There’s nothing but waiting now. In the meantime, you can have a look at the amazing cushionclues which will help you to know a lot about taking care of your cushions. After, getting your ordered cushion, don’t forget to check out its dimension. If, everything is okay, then open the user manual attached to the cushion box and follow the instruction to install your cushion on your picnic bench.

What do you think now? Really a bench cushion can make the outdoor experience better. Moreover, to protect your cushion from stain and mold, you can use a cushion cover. This easy to follow guide amazingly teaches us how to make picnic bench cushion with almost zero knowledge about sewing machine. Now, your picnic will be better than ever. Best Wishes!

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