Why my dad bought cushions for our Nissan Leaf

As my dad says – “there’s no secret behind happiness, have a yacht to float, a pet to feed, a car to ride, 2 kids to take care of and a sweetheart to love and you’ll be happy”. What a nice family picture. Thanks God. However, the car seat of Nissan Leaf was comfortable enough. But, my dad ordered 2 car seat cushions which made me so curious that I asked him the reason. Are you also interested to know the reason behind buying the seat cushions for our car?

Reasons to buy cushions for Nissan Leaf

You may don’t have that car. But, just to imagine the comfort level of this car, you can have a look at the Nissan Leaf reviews. After reading the first drive review on this amazing car, it may seem to you that it’ll be a wastage of money to buy any cushion for this family car. As we know, cushion provides some softness, sometimes, it also reduces back pain caused from long driving, so it might be needed for the olders or for the professional drivers who have to drive for hours after hours. But, the reasons were a little different. Let’s see the reasons as my dad explained –

To entertain your sister:

Whenever we go out to enjoy the riverside or the woodland paths with our car, me, your mom and you can enjoy the beauty of the outside. But, what about your sister? She can see nothing but the window glass as her height doesn’t support her to expand her glance. As a result, she becomes so bore while we become entertained.

A seat cushion will increase the normal height level of the car seat, So, your sister, who is only 2 years old now, will also be able to enjoy the outside without standing on the seat. Won’t she be so happy to sit on the new seat? Definitely she will be and this the main reason of buying the seat cushions for our car. But, there’s one more reason.

To ensure the safety for our Pet:

You should let your dog ride up front while keeping him safe and secure which is about to impossible without a cushion. Didn’t you notice that our dog also likes to be lifted up to look out the window while driving. Also a tether should be especially appreciated which keeps the pet in to ensure their security. Moreover, our dog still be toast if we were in a bad crash and getting in a crash thus because of a perfect pet cushion he can prevent his own death. That’s why I’ve ordered the cushions.

It was really even unimaginable to me. But, after installing those cushions, we became so happy. Our riding did become more enjoyable, my sister stopped screaming and it had been realized to me that if you have pets or kids with you while driving, you shouldn’t forget the cushion.

A cushion is not only to reduce your back pain. A cushion enhances the level of safety while driving. It let’s your kids and pets enjoy the outside without disturbing others. And also provides all other health benefits to enjoy a pain free driving. I’ve learned from my dad that I should ensure possibly all the safety matters for my pet as he depends on me. I also should offer possibly the best opportunity to my youngers to enjoy the life.

If a cushion was not added to our car seat, my little sister weren’t be able to enjoy the amazing natural beauty of the riverside. Actually there are lots of benefits of using a seat cushion in the car. Though my dad didn’t disclose this, but, I did notice that, because of these soft seat cushions, our car seat was just like the new one even after years of use. As a car owner, it’s also our duty to keep the car as fresh as possible.

You may don’t like my thought because, I was then only seven. But now, to me it seems that my dad took not only a right but also a great decision. Very often, we fall into prey of the car crash. If we ourself don’t forget to apply some safety matters, risk will be then minimized which also improve the confidence level of driving. If you think something different, feel free to share it with us. Our comment box is always open for you and we also love to hear from our readers.

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