Why Should You Use a Coccyx Cushion

Did you know that a Coccyx Cushion Can Help Relieve Your Discomfort. A coccyx is the triangular shaped bone at the end or base of your spinal column. They are four or five bones that are fused together and are what could be referred to as the vestige of a tailbone that was possessed by our ancestors eons ago.

Along the bone that lies above it called the sacrum, they coccyx forms the back section of the pelvis. There is very little movement between the sacrum and the coccyx and as you grow older they often fuse together. Although the coccyx is something you rarely hear about you will definitely know you’ve got one if you are one of the unfortunate people to injure yours.  If you’re one of the many people suffering from coccyx pain, now is the time to check out a Coccyx Cushion to help relieve your discomfort.

What A Coccyx Cushion Can Do For You:

A Coccyx Cushion can help protect and give relief to tailbone injuries. Having to live with what can sometimes be excruciating pain coming from your coccyx can really make your life miserable. It seems that no matter how you try to sit, finding that comfortable position to sit in can give only temporary relief. The nuisance of squirming and switching from one cheek to the other along with the discomfort really makes it hard to be productive when you’re forced to endure the pain all day long.

Coccyx injuries (tailbone injuries) come about due to fractures (i.e. a fractured tailbone, a chipped tailbone or cracked tailbone) dislocations, sprains or injuries from sports, pregnancies or just a bad fall. Often times you will experience bruises, aches and pains along with a large amount of chronic pain and discomfort that is hard to get a break from unless you can position yourself to reduce weight placed on your coccyx.

What Is Your Coccyx Good For:

For the most part, there are nine different muscles attached to it. The largest one is called the Gluteus Maximus. There are also numerous ligaments attached. This group of muscles work with you in quite a few ways including walking, running defecation, urination, orgasm and childbirth. Is there anything on that list you wouldn’t want working right?

Coccyx Cushion To The Rescue:

Surgery can be painful and you should never rush to have an operation unless you have exhausted other options available to you. A Coccyx Cushion is really quite a simple solution that can provide relief from your pain. Basically it’s a pillow of high density foam or gel that generally has a open area where you coccyx (tailbone) would rest. When sitting on one, it effectively distributes the weight and pressure from you coccyx to the surrounding area of your body. Coccyx Cushion , which can be referred to as donut cushions or ring cushions can be found at many stores and can be used to get some relief from Hemorrhoid pain, relieve back or pelvic pressure,  fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and other chronic or inflammatory pain.  So, before you go jumping onto that operating table, explore the possibility that a Coccyx cushion may give you the relief you so badly need.

You Can Make Your Own Coccyx Cushion:

Improvise! With a little bit of work you can make your own coccyx cushion. Will it work well enough for you? You’d have to be the judge on that. When we sit upright, our weight places pressure on your coccyx. If you have an injury to your coccyx, any pressure equates to discomfort. Some people find comfort by sitting and leaning forward. The problem with this is that you end up with a sore back. The solution is to be able to sit normal and still be able to take weight or pressure off your coccyx area. This is usually done by having a high-density foam pad that is notched out on the back which helps to relieve some of that pressure and therefore the pain.

One person wrote that their best solution was to put four or five newspapers to the front of their chair and sitting so that their coccyx was behind the newspapers. Interesting, simple and cheap but it seems to me this would be messy and could ruin light colored clothes with the ink.

Coccyx Cushion

Another person wrote that they used one of those swimming noodles that you see around a lot of pools and taped it together with duct tape so it was shaped like a U. They placed the top part of the U towards the back of the chair and sat on that. Again, that’s pretty creative and definitely inexpensive and may be worth a try. I just wonder how comfortable that will be in the long run. You can pick one of these up only for around $10 and the duct tape you can buy about anywhere.

Breast Feeding Cushions

Other things that were mentioned were breast feeding cushions that are shaped in a U, a U shaped neck pillow and even just a stuffed sock. Well, good neck pillows and breast feeding pillows that might stand up to the wear and tear of being sat on all the time run at least $20. For me though, it’s back to the same thing. How long can I sit on one of those and be comfortable. The sock idea…. I think it’s a bit far fetched. However, a real Coccyx Cushion would be the best solution.


For my money, I think that a cushion that is made specifically to help relieve the pressure and pain from your coccyx that comes from sitting is the best bet. I want something that has a high density padding inside and a soft cover. I want the cover to come off easily for washing and I’d like it to be thick enough so it doesn’t compress under my weight.  A good one is going to cost around $50 but it’s made to do the job and it will last.

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