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Whenever I hear the word CHAIR, apparition of a office dominated by an angry boss appears before me. However, you’ll be surprised to know that there are some amazing chairs in your house and you can make those chairs comfortable with a set of soft and applicable cushion. I’ve written this very short essay to help you along with other homeowners, offices, business establishments as well as others who are looking for high quality chair cushions.

“Sitting on hard or uncomfortable chair seats is not only uncomfortable – it can also be bad for your health.”

Because of the gift of modern technology there are different types of chair cushions and pads available today, each made specifically for the type of chair that you want to use. Whether you are looking for outdoor patio or lounge chair cushions, or indoor dining, kitchen or office chair cushions, you will surely find valuable information here.

Chair cushions can also help you especially if you have back problems or other health related issues. There are chair cushions specifically made to support the lower back while others are customized to ensure proper posture. Chair cushions can also serve as ornamental decorations to liven up your patio or your bedroom. Some chair cushions even come with beads, sequins or frilled edges to match your room concept or just to satisfy the taste of some very discerning buyers. Okay, no more time eating. Here’s what you’re waiting for –

1] Dining And Kitchen Chair Cushions:

Are your dining room chairs fit for kings? Are you confident about inviting guests for dinner because you know that they will not only enjoy the food but also be comfortable sitting down during the entire meal? Or are you forever putting off gatherings and making excuses so that people won’t come to your home and notice your bedraggled dining chairs which are awful to look at and sit on? If you have disgusting chairs that make people squirm, then it is time to give them a new look.

The answer is to have dining or kitchen chair cushions which can make sitting comfortable. You do not have to spend a lot just so you can have impressive and comfortable dining chairs. Knowing where to look for the appropriate chair cushions or even making them yourself will not only make your dining chairs comfortable – you can also impress people with your skill and make your parties a success.

The first thing that you want to look for is the style of the cushion you want. Do you like a square or a round one? If you have round dining chairs, obviously you’ll have to look for round chair cushions. After choosing the correct style, select the fabric that will best suit your dining chairs and lifestyle.

Tufted, braided and hand-hooked cushions or those that come with ties are the most popular styles of dining chair cushions. Cotton, acrylic, polyester and nylon are the most common fabrics that you will find when searching for chair cushions. If you have kids around, opt for polyester material – they’re not only durable but also easier to clean.

Go for chair cushions that are slip resistant to prevent them from slipping over. This can be very embarrassing for the person sitting on your chair; however, if you cannot find a slip-resistance chair cushion, opt for cushions with pad ties that you can tie around the chair.

Let’s face it – if you want an entire set, chair cushions can be expensive. More so if they come with embellishments like beads or tassels, the price of chair cushions may increase tenfold. If you have kids or pets at home, this is the last thing that you would want to buy. Alternatively, you can look for waterproof chair cushions that are easier to clean or slip covers that you can put on the cushions should you want to protect them from stains while having dinner parties. They are not only economical; they can also add a personal touch to your dining chairs.

2] Office Chair Cushions

According to the Chiropractic Association of Australia, 67% of Australians suffer from back pain and I don’t wanna disclose how much it is in the United States. A particular study revealed that ninety percent (90%) of the respondents use the computer every day, seventy-five percent (75%) of who complained about back pain. Long office hours in front of the computer screen not only harm the eyes; improper posture due to uncomfortable office chairs and prolonged sitting can also lead to chronic back pains. One can alleviate back pain however, by having his or her own office chair cushion.

Medical cushions like ergonomic chair cushions help relieve back problems by supporting and taking the weight off the back area. This can improve one’s health as well as enhance work productivity.

Lumbar Support Chair Cushion: People who have problems in their abdominal or pelvic area can get a lumbar type office chair cushion which relieves stress in the diaphragm and pelvic area by carrying the weight and helping one maintain a good body posture.

Orthopaedic Seat Cushion: People who have problems in their spinal area would find the Orthopaedic seat cushion useful. It helps the body relax by decreasing pressure on the tailbone. The cushion also tips the pelvis forward to align the spine while reducing the stress to the lower back. The Orthopaedic cushion is designed to relieve back pain and numbness on the buttocks and is ideal for people who sit for long hours or do floor exercises.

Back Support Cushion: Chronic back pain can hamper an employee’s productivity and overall performance. Back support cushions not only remove the stress from the tailbone area but from the lower back as well. Back support cushions also relieve numbness in the lower legs caused by prolonged sitting.

Prolonged sitting causes the leg muscles to weaken and joints to become unstable. It also exposes ones back to wear and tear. In order to prevent this, it is important to move once in awhile to relieve the pressure to the back area. When seated, it is recommended that one puts his or her weight directly on the ischial tuberosities, more commonly known as the sit bones, to relieve the back of the pressure. Additionally, it is important to have a chair that supports and maintains the natural curve of the spinal cord.

3] Patio Chair Cushions:

Your patio area is the one place where you can unwind and get away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, outdoor furniture tends to be bland and those that are customized or have special designs carved on them can be very expensive. You can add more spice to plain-looking outdoor furniture by adding patio chair cushions. These cushions can be as simple and plain or as extravagant as you want. You can also make your own chair cushion if you want to be unique.

However, two types of chair cushions are available in almost all stores that you can choose from– thick and thin. Thick chair cushions are composed of foams and springs. The springs help prevent the cushions from getting crushed and ensure that they retain their shape. Thin chair cushions on the other hand are made of sole foams and are not really meant to last long.

Outdoor cushions can also be fixed or removable depending on what one wants. New outdoor cushions are usually treated to prevent fading and have features like ultraviolet light resistant protection to prevent damage from the sun’s UV rays.

Traditional canvas fabrics are now replaced with synthetic fibre materials, which make the chair cushion easier to clean and more resistant to staining. Homeowners can choose from plain chair cushions or colourful ones which are ideal if you want to add a new look to your outdoor furniture.

Tips to Maintain Your Outdoor Patio Chair Cushion: Even if the instruction label indicates that the chair cushion has been treated to prevent staining, prolonged use of the cushion can leave some marks. To prevent this from happening, it is important to clean your chair cushion immediately when you accidentally spill liquids or anything else that may leave permanent stains. To clean your chair cushion, wipe the stain off with a clean wet cloth and allow to sun dry. If the water or liquid soaks the cushion, use a mild detergent and hand wash your cushion. It is important to dry the foam thoroughly to remove any possibility of mildew and bacteria growth.

Remember to store your chair cushions especially during winter months to prolong their life expectancy. Pack the chair cushions in tight sealed plastic containers and keep them in a dry and cool place. This would ensure that the chair cushions are kept dry during the entire time that they are not in use. This also prevents any mold and mildew from damaging your cushions.

4] Round Chair Cushions:

Round chair cushions and pads are all the rage because of the coziness and comfort that they offer. One type of round chair cushion that is gaining back its popularity is the Papasan chair cushion.

A Papasan chair, or more commonly called the dish, satellite or moon chair, resembles a bowl shape and was quite a hot item back in the 60’s and 70’s because of the snug comfort that it provides its owners. If you would like to add versatility as well as functionality in your home, you would find Papasan chairs to be a great delight. They’re perfect for a corner of your room where you can curl up with a good book. A Papasan chair would equally be great when enjoying your favourite movie reruns in your entertainment area.

Traditional Papasan chair frames are usually made of rattan, bamboo, wicker, willow or wood. Modern Papasan chairs are made of metal or plastic frames but still encompass the traditional designs to make them look authentic. More recent versions are even foldable for easy storage. Double Papasan chairs are also widely available and are called Papasan loveseats or mamasan chairs.

Clues to Choose your Papasan Chair Cushions: Papasan chairs like any other round chair require chair cushions for protection and at the same time provide comfort to the user. To select your round chair cushions and pads choose one that is durable and comfortable to the touch. You can check out the materials used by inspecting the label on the cushion.

If you prefer synthetic chair cushions, look for cotton, down or polyester fiber batting. Covers for the chair cushions can be cotton polyester blend, cotton or cotton duck. If you are eying a sleeker look, check out chair cushions that are made of micro suede fabrics. These types of fabrics give you the look as well as the feel of leather. Microfiber fabrics types are resistant to stain and more durable.

Another thing to remember is to choose thicker chair cushions and pads for your Papasan chairs. While they can cost much more than thin cushions, thicker cushions make sitting extremely comfortable and can last a lot longer compared to thin cushions. You can also make a slip cover to prevent dirt from gathering on your cushion surface. Slip covers make a good alternative especially if your cushions need to be laundered or if you’re not happy with the original look of you chair cushions. Slipcovers are also perfect especially if you want to match your Papasan chair with the current theme of your room.

Hope now you’ll be confident enough to invite your friends and fans to enjoy a dish of delicious dinner in your house. Choosing the best chair cushions can easily bring a fantastic look to your home and obviously it can fulfill your life with softness. Enjoy your life.


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