Antique Rocking Chairs: The Beauty and Nostalgia

For many of us, sitting in a rocking chair today brings back memories of cool summer nights and enjoying the company of a beloved parent or grandparent. And as a parent we may have nursed our child each night in a favorite antique rocking chair. In general, furniture increases the beauty of your sweet home. But, when it is a special rocking chair, it brings the classical royal touch of nobleness to your life.

Brief History of Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs have been with us from 100 years of old generations. In fact, most of the historians date back to the days when America was just a British colony. It is known that Benjamin Franklin owned one of the first rocking chairs ever made. But, from where did the idea come?

Through the years, these chairs have become a part of Americana. Traditional chairs were made of wood, with lovely carved back and curved legs. Can you imagine the startling beauty of a maiden curved waist! However, unique hand-cut details were added by many artisans, making these rocking chairs highly sought after antique pieces.

As these chairs became more popular, and were sold as a commodity, they were stained or painted to create a customized appearance in a home. Seamstresses crocheted blankets and knitted pillow cover cushions to add comfort to these favorite chairs. And later still, new styles and types of rocking chairs were made, with materials such as wicker and metals, and styles such as swivels and gliders.

Types of Antique Rocking Chairs

Wooden rocking chairs are by far the most common which is seen in almost every country house. But, for the lack of space, very often, urban people can’t bring it to their home though, antique lovers can’t live their life without a piece of it. Henceforth, most of the antique collectors love wooden rocking chairs because wood can show its use and age without being ruined.

Nowadays antique rocking chairs are used to give a room a certain homey, comfortable feel. Antique rocking chairs come in variety of styles. Which one you want depends on the style that will best fit the room you want to put it in. Some common styles to choose from are:


  • Victorian– From the Victorian era, these were very well crafted and mostly made from oak. Victorian era rockers were designed to be put in the home and were typically smaller than other chairs. You should consider getting chair pads and cushions for these since they weren’t made specifically for comfort.
  • Grecian– Instead of wood these were made from a material called woven rattan. They don’t last as long as rockers made from other materials, but they are still quite beautiful.
  • Windsor– Made in America, this was simply a chair put on wooden rockers. The classic ones are very collectible, since this is the style of rocking chair many of us are used to seeing.
  • Gungstol– This is a Swedish designed rocking chair.  They typically have six legs with the back two legs at a greater angle than the rest. You can do some serious rocking in one of these without the fear of tipping over.

Are Rocking Chairs so Soothing?

When you sit in a rocking chair, it rocks backward until that person’s center of gravity is met.  This puts you in a relaxed and non-stressful posture.  It alleviates pressure on the spine and lower back, which will help relieve any pain you may have in this area. The gentle rocking motion also brings back childhood memories of being rocked to sleep by your sweet mother.  Perhaps this is why dementia patients have found some relief from their anxiety and confusion while sitting in rocking chairs. Hope you got the answer.

Memories Old and New

We all have pleasant memories of rocking chairs. Whether it is sitting on the porch with your new romance or being rocked to sleep in one as a child, we all remember them fondly. Everyone wants to bring these memories home with them and put them in their own house.  This is why there is such a demand for rocking chairs on the antique market.

A truly antique rocker can be hard to find because it carries such strong memories with them.  Many are family heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. So if you find a loving old antique rocking chair, bring it into the warmth of your home and start creating your own family memories with it.

Being dominated by the Godfather lifestyle, a man may can’t feel this wonderful chair. But, if you believe that your beginning belongs to a traditional patrician family, you certainly will fall in love with antique rocking chair. Don’t worry, if you are habituated to sit on the couch or sofa, a suitable and of course beautiful cushion can bring this softness to your rocking chair. Feel free to have a look at the easy cushion guide here.

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