Best floor cushion seating ideas to make your guest spellbound

Who doesn’t want to be happy? Happiness is heavenly and everybody likes to do everything to occupy this heavenly gift. There are lots of studies aiming at finding the right behavior that leads to a happier life. Among the thousands of actionable advices, my favorite one is having a few close relationships, which helps people to lead a happier life with a higher quality of living standard. Take this excerpt from the book Finding Flow:

National surveys find that when someone claims to have 5 or more friends with whom they can discuss important problems, they are 60 percent more likely to say that they are ‘very happy’.

The number isn’t the important factor here, it is the endeavor you put into your relationships that matters. Every time you connect with those close to you, you further strengthen those bonds and give yourself a little boost of happiness. As the same way, they also come to your home and you want to please them, satisfy them and try to make them happy. They are your guest, they are the angels of happiness. You do a lots of things and watching television all together with popcorn on a soft cushion can be an amazing idea of enjoying some time. But, at that time, sitting on sofa or any other chair may minimize the level of rejoicing and ideas of the best floor cushion seating can keep those type of hang out party completely out of slack. There are also a lots of other mind blowing steads of floor seating cushion. However, now we’re going to show you some of the best floor cushion seating ideas to make your guest spellbound with striking designs.

3 best floor cushion seating ideas

Not only the wooden furnitures, but also the floor cushions can be the most stylish, most comfortable and also the most multi functional way to add some extra seating for the guests to basically any room of your home. So, how about to have a look at the 10 of the best looks that floor cushions can bring!

Big Joe Original Bean Bag Zebra Chair

The name itself is beautiful. It looks like a Zebra which can be a great choice for the animal lovers. It is made of bean bag which is highly comfortable. It’s a unique idea to manufacture a soft and comfortable cushion with bean bag. Won’t your guests become spellbound seeing a zebra in your home?

The Big Joe Original bean bag zebra chair is unrivaled to provide comfort with versatility. Easy to clean fabric makes this floor cushion a grand fit in dorm rooms, kids rooms, basements, bedrooms, drawing rooms or any other rooms in your house. Its lightweight and adaptable shape makes it nothing to grab and go from room to room, whether you’re hanging with guests, friends, watching TV, reading poetry, or just browsing the internet.

No extra furniture is needed. Just lay it flat for asofter experience, or prop it on its sides for various sofa like forms. And when you don’t need to use it, you can easily stash it under your bed or behind your sofa. The extra bonus of this zebra is that if you feel your cushion has gone flat after awhile, you can easily then add more filling. There is safety pin anz zipper on the edge of this zebra which will assist you in filling more beans. There is something more in Big Joe as they say “Comfort For All!” So, have a look at the details of this zebra chair on Amazon and get to know more from the customer reviews.

Heart to Heart Girl’s Floor Lounger Seats Cover

First of all, this is not a cushion, but it’s a mega series of pillow covers. You can fill these covers with 5 of your pillows to form an amazing floor cushion. This cushion will be a great fit for the kids to read on it or even watching TV, playing chess or slipping with comfort. My kids love these covers as they can get a chance to experience DIY. You can also fill the covers with fresh beans. However, the cover is made of super soft luxurious fabric to ensure comfort for your kids. It’s machine washable with cool water and soap or detergent. To bring some fun to your overnight guests, you can shop it on Amazon.

Girls Flower Hot Pink Floor Seating Cushion

Flower is the symbol of beauty and so is this flower shaped cushion. This 100% polyester cushion can easily transform your living room or game room into a visionary garden. The whimsical decor with this small flower like cushion is extremely fit for your sofas, beds, reading nooks, watching TV and specially for floors which is undoubtedly more comfortable than any mats. This cushion is most suitable for the kids and you can design any room with various colors as this cushion comes in hot pink color as well as in many other colors.

This floor cushion gives a luxurious touch of softness only at the cost of limited budget. It has no removable cover, but you can wash it in your machine with gentle cycle, and to clean light dirt, a sponge or a piece of soft cotton is enough. Create a mixture of cool water and mild soap and sink the sponge into this mixture and then softly wipe off the cushion. Though it is super soft, but it ensures remaining in its original shape even after long use as it has been made of quality materials. So, you can check its price on Amazon.

It’s a very bad idea to fete and treat your guests in a cheap way. And, nowadays, luxury is not expensive any more which often comes down to customization and creativity. Any passionate homeowners can come up to a beautiful and eye catching solutions with these budget floor cushions. It won’t be any wastage of your money if you consider buying all these 3 cushions. To keep your close relationships warm, it’s not a must to sacrifice breaking the bank. Bring at least one into your home, invite your guests and listen to what they say about your colorful addition to your furniture and then decide what to do. Best wishes to keep your close relationships close forever.

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