Rocking Chair Cushions for Comfort and Style

Rocking chairs are an inexpensive yet efficient way of relaxing mind and body.  The popularity and demand for these chairs seem to be growing exponentially, partly because of their many benefits.

When you sit back in a rocking chair, you plant your feet on the ground and are able to rock back and forth; after awhile you start to unwind and relax as the seat takes stress off of your shoulders.

There are some extra features like rocking chair pads and cushions that when added, make your favorite rocking chair not only more comfortable, but more attractive as well. Although early rocking chairs had no cushions, adding one to your rocking chair isn’t just a fashion statement, it adds a great deal of comfort to the rocker.

Considerations When Choosing Rocking Chair Cushions

There are many different shapes and types of rocking chairs, including traditional, antique, and glider, outdoor, etc. Each of these is available in different materials, such as wood or wicker, and in different colors. In order to suit each of these, there are a host of different types of cushions and back pads available, varying in size, thickness, color, style and material.

Existing chair cushions can be replaced with ease by loosening their straps or fasteners.  Before searching for new cushions, carefully measure the width and depth of seating surface. Also measure the height and width of the back of the chair. This will help you look for the right size in seating cushion as well as back pad.

When selecting cushions specifically for comfort, think about the thickness of your desired cushion. Thinner cushions may feel fine for short periods of time, but if you like to relax in your chair for more than an hour, look for something that is at least 3 inches thick. Many cushions come in a set with a matching back pad, which is important for spinal comfort.

When choosing cushions for style, think about the theme of the room the chair is in, as well as the color and design of the chair itself. Consider cushion colors and patterns that will either blend in well with the chair and its surrounding decor, or add a fun bold splash to the corner of a room.

Cushions For Outdoor Rocking Chairs

There are certain things that you’ll want to keep in mind if the cushions you are searching for are to be used on an outdoor chair. Outdoor cushions are specially designed to be able to withstand rougher environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, rain and excessive moisture.  These cushions differ from indoor cushions in the following ways:

  • Made of more durable materials to better withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Cover fabric is water as well as UV resistant
  • Inner makings are mildew resistant
  • Material is easily spot cleaned or washed

Benefits of Rocking Chair Cushions and Pads

Rocking chair cushions add extra support to the parts of your body that bear more pressure during extended sitting. They provide padding to these areas in the back and lumbar zone, reducing pressure and blotting out muscle ache and back pains. A good cushion can help you get more rested and relaxed, feeling good every-time you sit and rock in your chair.

Apart from being comfortable and stylish, well-cushioned rocking chairs offer other benefits.  One of the greatest is for expecting and new mothers. While pregnant, the rocking motion soothes the fetus and helps improve the development of the nervous system.  It has been found that after birth these infants tend to cry and yell less when they are rocked. For the mothers, it helps ease discomfort and pressures during labor, and after birth it helps in burning calories.

Breastfeeding mothers recouping from C-sections have been known to decrease their stay in a hospital by a full day as a result of regular rocking in a well-cushioned chair. There have been several clinical research studies that show other health benefits of comfortable rocking as well, helping people of all ages recuperate from illnesses, build physical strength, and improve overall mental health.

The different types and designs of rocking chair cushions not only add style to the chair itself, but can contribute to the look and decor of the overall room. However, among the traditional, antique, and glider, which design attract you most?

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