Advantages of Nursery Rocking Chair Cushions

Rocking chairs have a long history, providing a restful place for relaxation for generations. One of the pleasurable wonders of a comfortable rocking chair is that it can easily lull adults and even children to sleep. Most of us can easily picture that classic image of a new parent gently rocking their infant on a nursery rocking chair cushion to sleep. So it isn’t surprising that rocking chairs with cushion are an essential item in furnishing today’s baby nurseries.

Nursery Rocking Chair and Cushion Use

Nursery rocking chairs are intended for babies and their mothers to enjoy the special rocking sensation, as the nursery rocking chair helps you as a mother to relax your back while rocking or putting your baby to sleep. Babies especially love that rocking movement as it has a relaxing effect on a young one’s nervous system, taking their energy off of crying and calming them into a lull or sleep.

Nursery rocking chairs, as the name implies, are placed or found in the nursery where infants are to be nurtured. It is a part of the important furniture that is to be found in the nursery alongside the baby’s crib.

And just as important as the chair itself is, it’ll be better to consider a good quality seat cushion and back pad to enable using the chair for hours at a time when needed. Cushions don’t just feel cozy, they actually reduce the pressure on key points of the body, especially the upper back, lower back, and back of the legs.

As a result, they minimize back pain or blot clots that can result from sitting in one place for too long. There are different types of the nursery rocking chairs, including two most popular which are traditional wooden chairs and gliding rocking chairs.

Traditional Wooden Rocking Chair

These chairs are made of wood, and may be stained or painted to match the theme in the rest of the nursery.  They are very popular because as traditional and classic as they are, can easily be placed elsewhere in the home as soon as the baby grows up. In order to soften the hard stiff surface of the wood, a cushion of two or more inches thick should be placed on the seat and on the back for longer-use comfort.

Gliding Rocking Chair

Also called a glider, this is a more modern design and better stylish outlook for rocking chair. It provides a unique gliding movement that allows you and your baby the benefit of not just rocking, but also gliding gently forward and back.

Many gliders come with a matching footstool so that you can lift your legs to a more comfortable position. Some also have a swivel base, which allows you to turn and change direction. This gives you and the baby a different view, while continuing to enjoy the rocking sensation. Some gliding nursery rockers also have a built in massaging panel that provide the benefit of a massage while putting your baby to sleep.

Gliders also have a soft comfortable cushion, not only on the seat and back, but also on the arms of the chair.  This provides extra comfort when stretching out or feeding the baby. While the chairs themselves can last for years, the cushions may become worn and soiled more quickly. Replacing old cushions and pads with new ones can give a new look and renewed comfort to the rocking chair.  Some key things to consider when picking up your new cushions are:

  • Size – Measure your chair seat and back to make sure you get a cushion set that fits the chair well.
  • Fabric – Spills and accidents are common in a nursery.  So you want to make sure that the cushion set you get is made with a stain resistant material and is machine washable.  This may be the case with the entire cushion or with a zip-off seat cover.
  • Color and Pattern – Cushions can add a fun touch to the theme of your baby’s room.   Blend the chair in with a neutral or subtle solid, or create a fun focal point with bold colors or contrasting patterns such as zebra stripe or flowers.

Another amazing benefit of this type of rocking chair is that if you love fitness or athletics and want your child to be a famous athlete in future, this chair will familiarize your children to the mid to extreme level of physical stirring and jerking. This also strengthen the disease prevention ability of your baby and cushion will protect them from being injured. So, to ensure health and fitness in your family, you can think of buying a nursery rocking chair with soft cushion.

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