Toddler Rocking Chairs and Cushions for Cute Kids

When choosing items for kids rooms, an important fact to think about is that the particular piece of furniture should totally complement the rest of the decor. Extra care should be taken to see that the furniture is safe and soft and above all a fun stuff in all ways and at the same time it should not give the room a feel of a project gone awry. You’ll get all these conditions in a toddler rocking chair which makes your kids room a fun place.

Why toddler rocking chairs?

Small rocking chairs can be great piece of furniture for the toddlers who are beginning to read. Best for the three to five years old kids. This rocking chair can offer a change of scenario and perspective and also help in distracting the child while feeding. So, this chair is also of a great use for the breast feeders and their babies which can also help in lulling a child to sleep. They can still remain an essential addition in the room even when the child grows up and can be used to hold dolls, stuffed toys or even dirty laundry. Are you looking for more reasons to consider buying a rocking chair this weekend?

What to Look For When Selecting a Child’s Rocking Chair

Kids chairs can either be made of wood or any synthetic material.  But, wooden chairs are great because they can be painted in a color that matches the theme in the children’s bedroom or game room. If you do choose to paint, be sure to use a non-toxic synthetic paint that won’t harm the child if they decide to bite on it. However, consider the following things before choosing a chair for your child.


Before buying, it must be making sure that the size of the chair fits your child properly.  Be sure the chair you select is sturdy enough to support the size and weight of your child. Also make sure it is designed to not tip over even when they choose to sit in a not so normal sitting position because of their childishness.

The feet of the child should touch the floor. Armrests should be provided for comfort. The back should provide enough support and should be less than 6 inches above the top of the child’s head. And if possible, the seat should be wide enough so that the child can even sit cross legged on it. That’s all when it comes the size of the toddler chair.

Safety Features

Safety feature is the first and foremost fact for anything designed for the toddlers. Here is a list of the most important child safety features to look for when selecting a piece of furniture for your children:

  • There should be no sharp edges.
  • The bars used in the chair for making gaps in the back or in the seat should be placed closely enough that the child can not get any body part stuck in between the gaps.
  • The screws and joints should be tamper proof and safe enough that the child can sit on the chair without any risks whatsoever.

Rocking Chair Cushions

Wooden chairs are cute, but to make the seat comfortable and safer for your child to use for long periods of time, you’ll want to make sure the chair has a seat cushion and possibly a back pad as well.  These two pieces are often sold as a matching set.

Whether you buy or make the cushion, you want to be sure the fabric you select is a stain-free material in a color and pattern that go with the room’s theme. The cushion should be detachable and machine washable, or should be made with a removable slipcover that can be machine washed.

To get the most out of the rocker you select, find one that is reusable in the sense that it can even be moved and used in a different room when the child grows up. The rocking chair is a perfect blend of tradition and comfort. It is a witness of all the memorable moments that a child spends with his/her parents. So, picking out a chair that will speak eons about a child’s upbringing and will live to tell the tale to others will be a long treasured gift.

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