Design Your Home With Bay Window Seat Cushions

Bay windows bring a wonderful open expanse to a room, extending the space out so it brings in more natural outdoor light.  This is also perfect place to have a window seat.  Window seats can become a favorite nook for relaxing in the warmth of the sunlight, reading or simply resting from the day’s busy routine.

In order to make these window seats a truly cozy and pleasant place where you can comfortably sit for long periods of time with your sweet beloved or cute kids, you’ll want to have some good quality seat or bench cushions. Window bench cushions add apparently greater comfort to the hard surface of the seat. In addition, their style and design can add a decorator touch of the imposing design and art to this area of your room.

Benefits of Seat Cushions

Window seats are most commonly made of wood, while polyalthia longifolia is the best choice, but it can also be of metal or concrete. Unlike most of the common chairs, all of these are very hard, solid surfaces. By taking away the pressure brought about by the hardness of these materials, the cushions easily enhance the comfort level and minimize the negative effects of sitting in these seats for long periods. In a nutshell, these window seat cushions enhance relaxation and more comfort.

Cushions can be found in various thicknesses.  Choose a thickness that looks right in proportion to the space, but also consider the comfort level. Thicknesses of 3 inches or more offer much greater relief than those under 3 inches.

Shapes and Styles of Bay Window Seat Cushions

Seat cushions come in a variety of designs, with prints ranging from stripes to solids to floral, and even full images. When selecting cushions, you always want to know the exact measurements of the seating surface so that the cushion is a good fit.

Because of the angled or curved nature of a bay window seat, it’s a bit more challenging to measure the dimensions and determine the cushion sizes needed.  You’ll want to think of this area in terms of geometrical shapes – shapes that you can fit together to fill the entire surface of the seat.

There are a variety of shapes to choose from that will suit the design and type of window seat they will be used on. The shapes can either be rectangular, round cornered, angular, trapezoidal (with either angular or rounded corners).

The design can also vary depending on whether it is the front or the back of the cushion.  For instance, the front may be rectangular while the back is angular or vice versa, in order to cover the arc of the bay window.

Cushion Material

The fabric used on window seat cushions should be heat and fade resistant, as the windows are most likely to be exposed to extended durations of sunlight.  Polyester, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers are commonly used.  Look for those that have.

Heat and fade resisting qualities.  For outdoor bay windows, you’ll want a cushion that is especially made to withstand other aspects presented by an external environment as well, such as dampness and extreme cold.  Most important here is to look for water resistance and mold resistance.

The pattern or color of the cushions should take into account the décor of the rest of a room.   You might choose a design that complements the room theme, or you might select a more bold or dramatic touch that accents this space.

You can also add a couple of throw pillows on top of the seat cushions for added comfort and decoration. The fabric of the throw pillows can either match or contrast with that of the cushions, giving the room a striking ambience. Consider not only pillow color, but also the shape and thickness.

Because bay windows are often made in custom sizes and shapes, you may not be able to find ready made cushions that are the right fit.  In that case, you can either opt to have some made for you, or make them yourselves.

Making Window Seat Cushions

Unlike other seat cushions, these longer bench-type cushions are more like pads, and so they don’t need to be tufted.  Instead, they just need to have fabric neatly secured around the right size of foam.  This simple approach results in many do-it-yourself lovers enjoy the project of making their own cushions. Here are some basic steps that go into making a simple flat seat or bench cushion:

  1. Measure the length and width of your window seat surface area.  With bay windows, this will typically require separate measurements for each of the 3-5 segments of the typical bay window.
  2. Select the foam you want to used for making the cushion.  Consider thickness, density and firmness, plus whether it is for indoor or outdoor use.
  3. Cut the foam to the precise measurements taken earlier
  4. Place the foam on your chosen fabric and wrap the fabric around (like wrapping a gift with wrapping paper)
  5. Cut the fabric to fit the size of the foam
  6. Sew the fabric edges together around each side of the foam.  If desired, leave one side open for a zipper to be sewn in.  This way you can remove the seat cover for washing.

I do not know that you have perceived it or not, but the fact or the truth is that window is a very special point in every home. It’s not only a means of letting the spring breeze come in to your house, but it’s a place of heavenly romance. Enjoying the beauty of the moonlit night through the window is beyond even our imagination. So, to enjoy it properly, there should have a seat with soft cushion beside the window. To place a window seat beside your window, a set of bay window seat with cushions won’t break the bank. Visit to your nearest furniture mart for the details. Or, you even can get to know everything from price to size and style about window seat from online store.

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