How to Bring a Modern Touch to Leather Bench Cushions

Leather furniture can be used to bring a feeling of sophistication and luxury to any space in your home or office. Leather is typically considered a type of furnishing that is sleek and contemporary and it’s also highly comfortable.

The overall impact of leather furniture in a room depends on how many leather items there are in the space, and how large each piece is. The visual effect also depends on the size of the furniture relative to the size of the room. You can easily alter this impact by reducing the number of leather pieces or the size of the pieces. So, in a word, it’s easily customizable.

Very often, a single strategically placed furniture piece can make an area pop.  An easy way to do this is by introducing a leather bench. These are lightweight enough to move around to just the right place, whether against a wall or in front of a window. A leather bench makes a great relaxing cushioned window seat because of the cool smooth comfort of the soft leather surface.

Types of Leather Benches

A wide assortment of leather benches are available out there in the market to choose from.  Some of the things you’ll want to think about when selecting one for your home are:

  • Size and Style
  • Color
  • Cushion Type

Size and Style

Benches can be long and narrow for side by side seating of two or more people, or wide enough to accommodate people sitting back to back as well.  So you’ll first want to think about what dimensions would fit best in the room and location you have in mind.  Measure that specific area, for example, the width of a window that you want to put it in front of.  This will help you decide on the length of the bench.

Next consider how deep or wide you want the bench to be. Then choose a height. Some benches are standard chair seating height, and some are lower for low window seat comfort. Finally, look at different styles.  Some benches are solid from top to bottom, resembling (or doubling as) ottomans or coffee tables. And some are simple benches with legs and a seating surface.  The legs can be different shapes, and of various materials such as wood or metal.


Leather can be naturally tanned, or dyed in a variety of hues.  Neutrals in shades black, brown, and crème are the most common, although you can find leather furniture pieces in a multitude of colors and patterns.  Of course the non-leather parts of the bench can also be in different colors, as with stained or painted wood.

The color or pattern you choose can be designed to blend in with your other furnishings, or to stand out. For example, a red leather bench can be a dramatic accent in a black and white room. If your bench is used as a window seat, the color and pattern of the fabric and wood should go with whatever window treatments are on that window.

Cushion Type

Some benches have a permanent leather cushion on top, built in as a part of the furniture.  These are not removable or replaceable, so before getting one you’ll want to try it out for softness and comfort.

Others come with a removable leather cushion that is custom made to an exact fit of the surface of your bench. These often have fasteners or non-slip bottoms so that they don’t shift when someone sits on them. A bench with a removable cushion offers greater flexibility as you can change out the cushion if this one grows worn, or you simply want an updated look.

Leather bench cushions might be the flat surface type of cushion, where the leather is wrapped around a piece of foam and secured at the seams. Or, it might be tufted with buttons or without, giving it a more dimpled appearance. Tufting keeps the insides of a cushion from shifting, and also makes the cushion much more firm.

Nowadays, it’s known to all that leather bench is an updated notion in the furniture world. Though, it’s a type of expensive furnishings, but it wins the heart of the furniture lovers because of its dazzlingly beauty, easy to move and customizable style according to the space where you like to place it. Moreover, various types of cushions suitable for this type of luxury benches make this furniture more comfortable.

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